ATLANTA — Terence Lester is on a mission. A 648-mile mission to be exact. He’s walking from Atlanta to the White House in the scorching heat of the end of summer.

He wants to raise awareness about poverty in America. “When I think about senior citizens that have to walk miles just for food because they’re food insecure, or when I think about single moms who have to literally walk their children up to our offices at Love Beyond Walls barefoot because they don’t have enough funds to even purchase their kids shoes for school, or when I think about homeless individuals who come to their offices who need to wash their clothes because they’ve been kicked out of places because people are dehumanizing them…this is why I’m doing it,” said Lester.

Lester walks through heat, rain, and his own pain. The poverty he passes is a reminder of why he’s walking.

He’s documenting his journey on social media.  He posted one photo of a dilapidated building with this caption: “Since I’ve been walking, I’ve counted over 350 abandoned buildings and houses. Tell me why people are sleeping on the streets in this country.”